10 Reasons You Should Definitely Visit London

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One doesn’t really need a reason to visit London. It  is one of the best cities in the world.There were few unfortunate events that happened this year, but that doesn’t change anything.

I visited two years back and it reminded me much of my own city of Mumbai minus the crowds of course. It was a trip for work purpose , but I also made time to explore the city a bit. I do however want to visit again someday!

I have made a list of ten reasons one should definitely visit this city, there could be more but this is what I’ve come up with. If you haven’t been there yet or if you’re planning to visit again then this list would definitely be helpful:

  1. History:

    Going through London is like going through a history book. All the monuments, statues, churches etc. some of which were built years back.

  2. Famous Tourist Attractions:

    It has famous tourist attractions like the London Eye,Madame Tussaud, Big Ben tower, Westminster Abbey, Parliament House etc.

  3. Old world charm in streets and buildings:

    I really loved the old buildings and some still had Gothic architectures.


  4. Taste of Modern world in buildings in Canary Wharf-

    Since I went on an office trip I visited Canary wharf which is a major district and financial hub.



      London is home to the Royal Family which resides at Buckingham Palace. You can take a tour (paid obviously) through parts of the palace during Summer. I missed it as I visited on a weekday, but it’s stunning from the outside as well.


      6. Architecture:

      I love the gothic architecture of the buildings like Big Ben tower, Westminster Abbey, Parliament House etc. Also new buildings like Shard , Canary Wharf, London Bridge, Tower Bride, London Eye.

      7. Organized Transportation:

      There are so many options for transportation. It has the Double Decker buses, Underground railway, and waterways.

      8. Melting pot of cultures:

      It has residents and visitors from countries and cultures around the world.

      9. Food and drink:

      There are lots of options to eat and drink. You get to taste different types of cuisines here.

      10. Much more:

      There is so much more to see and do in London . It can range from shopping at  Harrods and various other stores, Music, Art , Sports (cricket stadium), strolling in the parks and gardens etc. There is something for everyone here and one can never get bored.


Thank you for reading. If you haven’t been to  London, then you should definitely visit soon. Cheers and Happy Travels!  🙂

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Here's 10 reasons you should definitely visit London

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