Happy 50th Birthday Kurt Cobain

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Hey Everyone,

On the occasion of Kurt Cobain’s 50th birthday , I wanted to share about my love for Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.

As you all know Kurt Cobain would have been be 50 years old, had he not died ( or been murdered) 23 years back. I know there’s a lot debate on this topic , but I don’t want to discuss it here.I was just a kid when it happened and to be honest hadn’t heard about Kurt or Nirvana then.

I owe it to one of my friends who introduced me to Nirvana’s music few years back.Until then I had only heard the famous “Smells like teen spirit”.But thanks to my friend I heard most of their songs and the more I heard the more I fell crazy in love with them.I seriously miss this grunge rock kinda music.You rarely hear such music these days.

Anyway I don’t remember how I got obsessed with Kurt.But there’s something about his voice that is just so mesmerizing. Whenever I feel angry, sad or depressed I listen to some Nirvana music and it’s so soothing in a weird way.It makes me feel better.

If you are a die-hard Cobain fan like me then you should definitely read his biography by Charles Cross – “Heavier than Heaven”.There are lot of different opinions on the book.But I personally loved it.It made me realize that there are so many similarities between us.Like he too liked drawing or making art.And he wrote down stuff in a journal.

I have also watched the controversial documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, I will probably post my review on that later.Below you will find few pics from the book  and my sketch and a video tribute I had made to Kurt Cobain.I hope you like it.

Happy 50th Birthday Kurt.Love and miss you.

Nirvana forever…Kurt Cobain forever..Grunge is not dead!! \m/

Pics from Heavier than Heaven:



My sketch of Kurt Cobain:


Some of my Kurt/ Nirvana stuff:


My video tribute to Kurt Cobain  which I made 2 years back

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