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After Clouds, Sunsets are one of my favorite subjects to capture. I hence have too many pics, but I’m not complaining. Sunsets are one of the most amazing spectacles of nature. They are also unique. You will never see a picture of a sunset that looks the same. That’s what makes it such a beautiful thing.

A few years back one of my friends wrote me a lovely poem .I’m sharing this as it is apt for this post:

The Many sunsets i have seen sink,
and for the many that seem to rise,
A sea of pinks and red and purples.
I may be watching the sunrise right now,
Waiting for it to sink again.
I have not slept in days.
Because dreaming is my favorite thing to do,
In my dreams I am perfect,
I am untouched.
Oh ! So beautiful.

Together we and 39 bloggers share with you the most beautiful Sunsets from around the world.

P.S: Each photo below belongs to the respective owners.

Amazon River


Attached is a photo I took from the rooftop of a riverboat on the Amazon River. We were traveling by boat from Yurimaguas to Iquitos; this was day three — one day out from Iquitos. The sunset was spectacular and the whole jungle seemed to go quiet as the sun disappeared beneath the horizon.”

Shared by Tony Dunnell from  New Peruvian


Bonneville Salt flats in Salt Lake City

This sunset was shot on the salt flats in Salt Lake City. You can also check her blog post for Bonneville Salt Flats here.

Shared by Priya Adiga founder of BackpacknBrushes who loves chasing sunsets.


Kannur, India

This sunset was shot on a beach in Kannur, India.

Shared by Priya Adiga founder of BackpacknBrushes who loves chasing sunsets.


Boracay in The Philippines


This gorgeous sunset was on the island of Boracay in The Philippines; a small island known for its white sand beaches. This photo was taken on the palm tree lined White Beach.

Shared by Sarah Ambler from Deep Blue Marketing


El Nido, Palawan, The Philippines

El Nido, Palawan

This sunset photograph was taken on a tiny, almost private Island off of El Nido, Palawan, The Philippines and features one of the traditional outrigger boats.

Shared by Sarah Ambler from Gluten Free Travellers


Broome, Western Australia

Broome, Western Australia :  The pearling capital of the world and also with the largest daily tidal fluctuation of 18 meters.

Shared by Una WirkebauI from According to Una

Khao Lak,Thailand

Thailand, Khao Lak:  Surprise visit by friends from Atlanta Georgia while they knew I would be in Thailand

Shared by Una WirkebauI from According to Una



And as the last rays on sunshine shine upon the Dambovita River in the city center, the city is getting ready for its unique nightlife.

Bucharest, the capital of Romania is the largest city in the country, with a population of over 2.3 million. The city is well known for its wide boulevards, amazing buildings, the People’s Palace, and the Arc de Triomphe.Legend says that Bucharest was founded by a shepherd named Bucur. His name can be roughly translated into ”joy” (from the Romanian word bucur-ie).
In the 1900s, the city earned its well-deserved nickname: Little Paris. But that is something you have to see to believe. Today, the city is a mix between old and new, between traditional and modern, blending these elements together in such a way that you might even think that this was the plan all along.

Shared by Alexandra Trif from Finding Romania, who owns a travel agency named Finding Romania, focused on promoting Romania to the world. But besides that, she also has a blog section where she’s promoting people and their experiences.

Câmara de Lobos Portugal

The picture is taken 2.5 years ago, during our honeymoon in Madeira, an island in the Atlantic belonging to Portugal. We were dining on the terrace of a beautiful restaurant in a small town from the island, called Camara dos Lobos.

Shared by Iulia from Romania,Ego Diary

Cardiff (San Diego,Ca)

Here is one of my favorite sunset photos that I just took a couple weeks ago in Cardiff (San Diego,Ca). There is no filter at all on this photo! This is the view from Pacific Coast Grill and our sunset beach dinner!

Shared by Jessica Hartmann from The Jessica Journey / Instagram


Copacabana on the shore of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

We set off for an early evening stroll along the shore of Lake Titicaca. As we returned and the sun began to set, we were able to capture this beautiful image. As the rays of the waning sun shone through these statues of Incas we were over awed. The bright colours of the swan boats pop out too which is great!

Shared by David Tovey from Love C and D

The Pantanal, Brazil

On an evening boat trip down the Miranda River, our guide turned the boat’s engine off. The boat slowly drifted, as the sun began to set. Before we knew it the sky was slight with the most beautiful array of colours. The contrast with the trees of the riverbank in shadow adds to the wonder.

Shared by David Tovey from Love C and D


Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla

Here is one of my favorite pictures from our 6 month backpacking trip. After backpacking around Europe, Asia and the Americas for 6 months we landed in Puerto Rico before we came home. On our last day we went to Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla, where we swam in the crystal clear waters and were treated to this beautiful sunset. A perfect ending to a perfect trip.

Shared by Edgar Hernandez III from Couple of Roamers



The last fisherman has docked his boat for the day. A perfect time for a walk around the seafront of the Danube before saying good night.

The Danube Delta, a UNESCO biosphere reserve, lies, for the most part, in Romania. The diverse fauna and the uniqueness of the landscape, makes the Danube Delta one of the most desirable destinations in Romania. The Danube Delta, the second largest river in Europe, after Volga Delta, is the best preserved on the continent. It lies between the three Danube arms (Chilia–north, Sulina and Sfantu Gheorghe-south). With an approximate surface of 1,603 sq mi (4,152 km2), the Danube Delta began to form after 4000 BCE in a bay of the Black Sea.

Shared by Alexandra Trif from Finding Romania


Eagle Beach, Aruba

This sunset is absolutely no joke – there’s good reason why Eagle Beach, Aruba, has been voted one of the best white sand beaches in the Caribbean. To say you’re walking on sugar is no exaggeration – not to mention the ocean may as well be a luxurious soaking tub. We happened to be strolling along the beach during the middle of our stay when we witnessed this glorious event. The One Happy Island is truly a little slice of Dutch Caribbean heaven!

Shared by Megan who is a travel blogger at Some Things I’m Moderately Excited About who writes snarky city guides full of off-the-beaten-path-spots, amazing places to stuff your face and other low key but totally score-brownie-points-with-your-friends-cool destinations for jet setting around the world (and in Chicago, where she’s from). You can also follow along with her adventures & catch travel tips & tricks on InstagramPinterest & Facebook!


Golden Bay,Malta

Sunset over one of Malta’s most popular beaches, Golden Bay


This is in her hometown, Mellieha


This is in the little island of Gozo, at a small seaside village called Xlendi

Shared by Samantha Debono from A Maltese Wanderer ,do check her Facebook and an Instagram account


Graça Lisbon

The viewpoint is the summit of Graça, which is a residential neighborhood located in one of the city’s steepest hills. The vibe at this terrace is trendy and hip. Friends chatting with a pint of beer, band playing live music, all catching up the breathtaking sunset view of Lisbon. The castle, the river, 25 de Abril bridge and the whole city of Lisbon are all framed in one picture. We stayed here for much longer and soaked in the great atmosphere! Also, be sure to visit Sé, the Lisbon cathedral while on the way to  Graça.

Shared by Sharad Kandoi

Lisbon – Link to  posts here 


Harlech Beach in Wales near Snowdonia

Every year my boyfriend and his family head to a beautiful seafront cottage spending the days walking the pebbly beach and spotting dolphins. The evening sunsets are some of the most dramatically stunning I’ve ever seen! For more beautiful imagery of North Wales, check out Eppie’s blog here:

Cape Town

This is from Cape Town, watching the sunset from Lion’s Head. Although crowded, we arrived early enough to place our blanket with clear views over the ocean, enjoying a mini picnic and Prosecco! We even saw two whales in the distance as the sun set behind them. For more tips on getting the best out of your trip to Cape Town, read Eppie’s post here:

Shared by Eppie Shepherd from


Hluhluwe-imfolozi game park in South-Africa

 The night falls at Hluhluwe-imfolozi game park in South-Africa with this eye-catching sunset.

St-Lucia (South-Africa)

Stunning and overwhelming Lion King-like sunset while enjoying a river safari cruise in St-Lucia (South-Africa). Only thing missing was “Hakuna Matata” playing  in the background.

Shared by Marlo & Kristof from Along came an Elephant


Indian Shores, Florida

My photo was taken in Indian Shores, Florida, one of the small Gulf towns in the St. Pete/ Clearwater area. It was an incredibly clear evening, and the colors from the sunset were awe-inspiring! I happened to catch this stand-up paddle boarder as the colors were at their brightest, and I think his dark silhouette offsets the intense reds and oranges perfectly.

Shared by Natalie Vereen-Davis from Cosmos Mariners: Destination Unknown


Isabela Island (Galápagos)

Here are a few taken in the Galapagos Islands. I took these on the beach on Isabela Island, the view is of Sierra Negra (highest volcano in the Galapagos), and you can also see Cierro Azul in the background.

Shared by Georgia Beech from


Isla de Gigantes, Philippines

 The photo was taken in Isla de Gigantes, a remote group of islands in the northern part of Iloilo, Philippines. It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life.

Shared by Pearl Aton from The Wandering Dreamer


Jetwing Lagoon Hotel – Negombo , Sri Lanka

I’m sending this from my current holiday at Jetwing Lagoon Hotel – Negombo , Sri Lanka.This epic scene only lasted a mere 15 minutes.

Shared by  Corey from LEARNING PATIENCE


Jomalig Island, Quezon province, Philippines

People who have been to Jomalig Island can attest how stunningly beautiful the island is, beaming with golden sand beaches, emerald green water and the great feeling of total escape as it rest in isolation. Too many amazing Island in our country, but the sunset in Jomalig makes things all the more extra ordinary.

Shared by Jungie Gumiran from The Traveling Marketeer

Kalinga (Philippines)

Shared by Katherine from Tara Lets Anywhere

Sunset showing different sky hues. This was taken after a visit to the indigenous people in the landlocked province of Kalinga, Philippines.

Sorsogon (Philippines)

Sunset during a full moon in Subic Beach, a beautiful and quiet location tucked away in the province of Sorsogon, Philippines.

Shared by Katherine from Tara Lets Anywhere


Kalogria beach, Peloponnese, Greece

Kalogria beach is an amazing long and deep stretch of sand, at the edge of the Strofilia forest which is the biggest pine forest in Greece. The water is clear, the sand is deep yellow, the landscape is amazing. As the sun sets, it plunges into the Ionian sea and paints the sky with an array of blue, orange, grey and yellow colors, while offering an abundant sense of tranquillity.

Shared by Dimitris Thanassas from: Go Greek for a day

Koh Lanta, Thailand

Sunsets on Koh Lanta, Thailand never disappoint. With it being one of the less visited of the many popular Thai islands…you can always find a quiet spot to throw a towel down and watch the beautiful sunset in peaceful surroundings  If you look closely, you can also see the more manic party island of Phi Phi (right) in the distance. Link to photo (already posted on Instagram) –

Shared by Sean Murray from @weewanderers_travel


Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida

This sunset is of the beautiful Lido Key Beach in Sarasota, Florida. Being a sunset chasers, I try to capture the perfect moment as the sun touches the water. Lido Key Beach is by far one of my favorite places to catch the sunset. be sure you visit it one day.

Shared by Danielle Moore from The Witty Wife / @thewittywifexo



I have a friend who is a pilot so he took us for a flight above West Flanders, where I live in Belgium. As you can see, we got back just before the storm!

St. Thomas, USVI

This is a picture of a cruise ship near St. Thomas, USVI. It took this picture while I was on a cruise with my dad.

Naples, Italy

This sunset is in the port of Naples, Italy. This was during my first solo cruise!

Shared by Benjamin Deleu from Ben goes places




This was one amazing sunset witnessed during my time at Sun Island Resort and Spa – Maldives . As I was staying at the other side of the resort, I never witnessed a good sunset for the initial days and then one day I just took my camera and tripod and went on a walk around the island. I found this quaint little spot with no one sitting and waited there for the next half an hour to capture this shot. While I was taking multiple shots at different settings, all I could think was the awesome feeling of witnessing sunsets like these in paradise.

Shared by Arnav Mathur from theETLRblog

Twitter , Instagram   and Facebook

Triund, India

It rained in McLeodganj on Christmas but snowed on the higher reaches, even on Triund ridge. With high hopes we trekked all the way up the next day but got disappointed as all the snow had melted. We were lucky to set up our tents in a secluded campsite away from the crowd, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise when the sun started setting. With the mountains behind us and the sun setting on the horizon right in front of our eyes, was something I witnessed for the very first time.

Being a quaint little campsite, I was able to capture these shots without many people obstructing the view.

Shared by Arnav Mathur from theETLRblog

Twitter , Instagram  and Facebook


This was taken while aboard the RORO from Mindoro going to Caticlan. 🙂

Shared by Clarice from My Metro Lifestyle


Moliets-et-Maa, France (South)

This picture is taken in Moliets-et-Maa, France (South), last summer.We were there for visiting one of the surfcamps we work with. SurfaWhile is an Dutch based, online travel agency for surf related travels.

Shared by Olmo van Beurden from Surfawhile


Negril, Jamaica at the Catcha Falling Star Resort

This western part of the island is known for its beautiful sunsets.  You can watch from the Negril Cliffs or the 7 Mile Beach

Shared by Global Jamaican

Pai Canyon (Thailand)

A picture of a beautiful sunset we witnessed in Pai, a town in the mountains of Thailand. It’s specifically taken at the Pai Canyon, which is known for its geological formations made by erosion, foot-wide paths and sheer drops.

Shared by Thomas & Myrthe Nomada how far



A boy looking for a small sea clams or in local name it was called “tagitis” using his made net under the sunset. It was taken in Pandan,Antique,Philippines

Shared by Weng from Weng the wanderer


Phuket at Nook Dee Resort

Shared by Kanika & Shayan from Dose of Life


Pilar Camotes, Cebu, Philippines

Me and babe leap for joy after witnessing this beautiful sunset in Pilar Camotes, Cebu, Philippines. It is our first time in this beautiful island and this view greeted us. Such a lovely day indeed.

Shared by Geezelle Tapangan from Geemiz Contrarian Travel Blog

Praia Da Rocha Beach, Algarve



Don’t be disappointed by the commercialization near this beach. Although you land in the hustle and bustle of shops and restaurants, this golden beach is absolutely beautiful and extremely clean. As you walk along the coast you will come across some incredible caves. At this point, you just need to wait for the tides to recede and make path for you to walk through these caves. Please take caution though as the tides can get rough and this section could get cut off in a high tide. You eventually get to the other side which is even more mesmerizing. We were here during the sunset hours and took some great pictures of the sun setting against the rocky cliffs. We spent hours walking along the beach. We completely got lost in the tranquillity of sea and the tweeting of hundreds of egrets.

Shared by Sharad Kandoi

Algarve – Link to post here

Santorini, Greece

This spectacular sunset taken overlooking the cliffs of Oia was my favourite to date. The burning orange sun blazed in the distance, fading behind the island and leaving a red trail that split the sky in half. It is a particularly fond memory as it was a tranquil moment where time slowed down, taken minutes prior to riding a donkey down the near-verticle cliff, which to me was a terrifying near-death experience at the time!

Shared by Krysti Jaims from


Saranda, Albania

It was taken in Saranda, Albania in October 2015 & it was taken from my balcony (oh, lucky me!).

Shared by Ieva Laicāne from Therandomp


Sharjah, UAE

I’m sharing my sunset post from Sharjah, UAE in the Fossil Rocks of Mleiha desert.

Shared by Michelle Mai from Mai Fave Things


Sydney, Australia

There is a sunrise and a sunset every day and you can choose to be there for it. You can put yourself in the way of beauty.” – Cheryl in Wild (2014).

I believe in witnessing these sunrises and sunsets as much as possible. Sometimes Sun has a very dramatic way of ending a day and it is always a reminder that there is always tomorrow – a fresh start of a new day.

This picture was taken at Sydney, Australia. I have captured many sunsets from various places I have travelled. But this sunset definitely stood out for me, as this looked like the sky was on burning fire. It truly looked spectacular and magnificent.

Shared by Raksha Prasad from Solo passport


 U-Bein Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar

I have seen many sunsets in my time but whenever I’m asked my favourite
there is no question, it has to be the one a U-Bein Bridge. The bridge
itself spans the Taungthaman Lake, located just outside Mandalay, and is
believed to be the longest teak bridge in the world (to be honest, though,
I don’t know how much competition there is in that category). It is
possible to get on the water with many locals offering gondolas for hire.
Personally, I opted to sit beside the lake in a conveniently placed bar.
With a Myanmar Beer in my hand, I watched people and bikes calmly pass
along the bridge, silhouetted against the fiery glow of the sun, as
another day slipped away over the horizon.

Shared by Matt from Thetravelblogs

You can also check his Facebook  and Instagram  account.


Väddö Stockholm Archipelago

During a recent weekend in the archipelago of Stockholm, more exactly the island of Väddö outside Norrtälje, I went out with a few to the sea to get a glimpse of the sunset. And I wasn’t to regret it. It was an absolutely stunning evening, with the red and yellow sky reflecting in the glancing water.

Shared by Swedish Explorer


Venice Italy

When visiting Venice it’s worth staying on Lido island just because of enjoying sunset views like this on a way to your hotel. See the sun setting between the two campaniles:  campanile of the San Giorgio Maggiore church on the left and Campanile di San Marco on the right.

Shared by Anita Sane from The Sane Travel


 From around India and London airport

Since we have too many pics of Sunsets, we share Sunsets from all around India .It features  places like Goa, Kerala, Mangalore, Bangalore, Mahabaleshwar, Dharamshala, Mumbai and London airport.

Shared by us (Karen & Suzan) The Epicurious Explorers

Thank you for reading.We hope that you enjoyed these beautiful sunsets from around the world. We hope it inspires you to travel to the places that you have always wanted to.

Do share with us your favorite Sunset picture. Cheers and Happy Travels! 🙂

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    Wow, thank you so much for including us! Shared this in our FB page. 🙂 I love sunsets too. A lot of times I just watch them and the different beautiful colors without taking a photo. 🙂 I’m lucky because my partner is the one who does photography hehe.

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