Featured Artist An Interview with Sahil Sabharwal

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Hello Folks,
We are back with our Featured Traveller/ Artist series.

So here’s a little preview of our next featured artist. We came across an interesting feed on Instagram and we were awestruck by the pictures.His photography and editing skills are really out of this world. He loves exploring places and is a foodie just like us, so just had to find out more .He also organizes photowalks in Delhi, India. Photowalks are a great way of exploring places and meeting new people.

Let’s get to know more about him!

  1. Tell us something about yourself – name, location, etc.?
    Sahil Sabharwal, from Delhi. Born, brought up, studied and fattened here in 1 city only.. 
    Just a normal human being, looking to inspire more people with whatever skills I have. And yes make my parents proud. (Too cliché isn’t it…   but true!!!)
  2. How did you get the idea to start the photo walk group?
    I went to first walk with my school friend who luckily is awesome photographer too, shook hands with Ganpat bhai, which mostly instagramer known as @delhiexplorer. From that day I got this idea of coming out together and taking it onto another level.
  3. What is the first photo walk you organized?
    I so wish I can exactly tell you about the first, but it was a multiple friend’s decision and it was epic from that day most of us became BESTIES.
  4. What is the motive of the photo walk group?
    Being the most introvert you can ever know as a person, I always wanted a bunch of cool friends to hang out with and who would be same as me, after coming home from the first walk, I decided that I am gonna make sure that I change myself and help other introverts too ( oh there are many…..)
  5. Your favorite location you have been to?
    My favorite place after my home would be Humayun Tomb any day any time.
  6. Do you have any interesting experience you would like to share?
    I never knew people will take my series thing so seriously that they will follow it up and make their own. I was awestruck with the experience.
    Lastly I have getting this a lot, people will come up to me and will ask for photo or selfie with me, as if I have achieved something big, but all I did is brought people together from the same field and the same interest, that’s all I did. Seriously.
  7. Who’s your inspiration?
    There’s no particular name, if you go from my feed you’ll get the idea. I don’t stick to just one thing/idea (Positive or negative I don’t know) any 70 yrs. old there doing something can be the next inspiration or the next kid I come across doing something funky, and grabs my attention I will definitely try that.
  8. What have you learned from your experience with photo walks?
    That there are many out there desperately looking out for what you have and you thought is just bore in you or your skills.
  9. Do you have any advice or tips for anyone who wants to organise a photo walk?
    You can’t make everyone happy, just let people be who they are, sometime that is so necessary. And yes always carry a water bottle, something to eat and yes A BIG SMILE ON YOUR FACE, it doesn’t cost a penny…..
  10. Where can one get details of the next photo walk?
    On my Page handle which is @kamerawaledost and @sahilsabharwaaal and of course my LOYAL SQUAD Stories.

You can follow /check Sahil’s amazing pics  on his social media:

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11 thoughts on “Featured Artist An Interview with Sahil Sabharwal

  1. Mei and Kerstin

    Sahil seems like an interesting artist, and we’re glad for him that he found a passion walking and taking photographs in his hometown. You don’t always have to travel far to find interesting stuff to photograph. 🙂

  2. Darah

    Photowalks sounds like a unique experience. Sahil seems like an interesting guy and a great artist. I love that he highlights his hometown. Some people and travelers don’t appreciate the beauty of home.

  3. Marvi

    Sahil’s motivation to create the photo walk group sounds very interesting and inspiring too. It’s always great to be able to inspire and help others too (introvert or not). Plus making friends during the process 🙂

  4. Jane Frith

    Photowalks! An interesting concept. I imagine Sahil acts as a tour guide and helps his patrons to identify photo opportunities? Does he also help them to edit the results I wonder? I think walking tours are a great way to explore new places and adding in this artistic feature is a great idea.

  5. Heather

    Sahil is so right when he says that you can’t make everyone happy. I think that if you understand that sooner and later you are more successful. You are more at ease which puts everyone else more at ease. He’s a very talented photographer!

  6. Candy

    Photo walks sound like so much fun. We did an Airbnb Photo experience and it sounds very similar to a Photo Walk. It’s a great way to explore the area and take pics AND make new friends along the way 🙂 Such a talented photographer!

  7. Yara

    What a great way to share a talent and meet new people – loved the idea of photowalks! This is also a wonderful tribute to talents that are all around us and a fun way to feature up and coming influencers. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Lance

    I really like the idea of a photo walk. What an inspired concept by Sahil and his group of friends. I can understand his thinking, since I too am an introvert. I would be more comfortable with a camera in hand. Great to see his inspiration comes from his hometown. We can all see things in a new light if we just put our minds to it.

  9. Punita Malhotra

    Humayun’s Tomb is certainly one of the most photogenic and most iconic sights of Delhi. We have never visited it on an early winter morning and that’s the plan for one of the coming weekends, now that winters are almost over.

  10. Alison

    Yes, a water bottle and a smile on your face will get you very far in life. Especially that smile. Good for Sahil for following his passion and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.


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