Featured Traveller An Interview with Akhilesh Dhyani

We are excited to start a series called ‘Featured Traveller’ .You might wonder what exactly this series is about?

We are sharing our travel stories with you, but we would also like to hear about your travel stories. Like what inspired you to travel and so on!  And obviously we will share your story with everyone! Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

We will be posting an interview with one Traveller on a monthly basis. If you’re interested in being featured, please see details at the bottom of this post.

So here’s a little preview of our first traveller. We came across an interesting feed on Instagram and we were awestruck by the pictures. His pictures will give you a serious longing for wanderlust. We’re mountain lovers ourselves, so just had to find out more about the person behind the awesome pictures. We also were lucky to meet him in his hometown Dehradhun, while we were on our way to Mussoorie 🙂

He mostly travels in the mountains of North India in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
Let’s get to know more about him!

Tell us something about yourself – name, location, occupation etc.?

My name is Akhilesh Dhyani from Dehradun, India. I’m a seafarer (2nd Officer).

When did you start photography/ travel?

Started way back in 2013.

What is the first trip you remember taking and how old were you?

I was in Japan waiting for my flight for New Delhi. I called up my friend Mohit (school friend) and told him let’s travel to Ladakh. That was my first ever bike ride. I was 24 then.

Your favourite destination/ location to click pics?

I don’t have any favourite destinations, it’s just like my heart belongs to mountains. I love to explore mountains and clicking landscapes.

Do you have any interesting experience you would like to share?

Once I was on a trek to Nag Tibba with my friend, started the trek a bit late we were far from our destination it was already getting dark and the dense forest made it much more scary. Suddenly, there was a loud sound coming from the trees, we were very scared but to our surprise a big group of monkeys was passing by which made the situation funny.

What photography gear do you use or wish you had?

I use a basic Nikon D3200 and my iPhone 6s for filming and still photographs. In future will love to advance to full frame.

Who’s your inspiration?

All those who travel and put their stories up on social media.

Is this a hobby or something you do for a living?

It is my love for mountains, I am a pahadi and my love for pahad is never ending.

*Pahadi translates to someone who lives in the mountains. Pahad is a Hindi word for mountain.

What have you learned from your experience with travel?

I learnt to manage myself. Learnt about the people of various regions their views about the tourist visiting their village.

Do you have any advice or tips for aspiring travellers?

I want all you people to plan your travels yourself, get involved in every details it will give u a great new experience. Don’t just travel for the sake of it, make it your story and travel it to the fullest.

You can check Akhil’s Instagram feed for more stunning pics like these:

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Hope you enjoyed reading this interview. If you want to be featured or know anyone who would like to be featured , drop us a comment below or send an email to us at theepicuriousexplorers@gmail.com

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Read our interview with our Featured Traveller Akhilesh Dhyani

16 thoughts on “Featured Traveller An Interview with Akhilesh Dhyani

  1. Nic

    Great interview, it’s always nice to hear the different perspectives of other travellers and bloggers, to hear their backgrounds and their individual experiences on the road. Those photos too are incredible, we will be sure to check his insta out.

  2. Suraj Kumar Singh

    Wowwww! He’s damn good in his photography skills, I fell in love with his photography, followed him as well! ?.

    Good interview! Hoping to hear from you again

  3. Alison

    I love this series of interviews with different travellers. Akhilesh takes stunning photos and his obvious connection to the mountains is beautiful. I look forward to following him on insta.

  4. Lola La Paz

    That’s a cool series you started here. I love reading about other travelers, what moves and motivates them, stories from the road. He has beautiful pictures too.

  5. Lara

    Great series and a neat interview I’m a mountain person too, so I totally get that love for mountain landscapes. Funny story about the monkeys. Their noises would have sent me on edge too.

  6. Darah

    Wow! He takes some great photographs! I love the advice he gives about getting involved in every detail of planning your trip. I have friends who love to cruise, which drives me crazy because there’s no planning or discovering things on your own when all you do is go on a cruise.

  7. Cindy

    Great interview and gorgeous mountain photos! He seems like a real free spirit which is always inspiring for those of us who try to hard to see everything when we travel, rather than just experience it.

  8. Erica

    Stunning images! I love to see stories of people who are really living life to the fullest and experiencing the world’s natural beauty in such authentic ways. Cheers to many more years of travel, Akhilesh!


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