Happy Blogiversary to Us!

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Hello Everyone , just wanted to share that we are super excited as our blog completed 1 year today. Happy Blogiversary to Us! 🙂

Wow we can’t believe one year passed by so fast since we started this blog. A year back we were scratching our heads thinking of a name for our blog. We want to thank all of you our loyal followers and friends who have been with us from day one. This would have not been possible without your love and support!

It’s been a roller coaster ride but we’re glad we are still on this journey. A lot has happened in this past year. We have had the opportunity to share our travel stories, recipes and more with you. We met some lovely people thanks to our blog and have been lucky to collaborate with bloggers from around the world! And we also won our first award i.e The Liebster award.

We honestly didn’t think our blog would run for so long when we had started. But we were inspired and motivated by the love and support that we received. We had to take a small break in between as we had to move to a new city. It took us some time to settle in, but then we got right back to our blog.

It’s been a wonderful experience and we hope we continue for years to come!


Karen & Suzan.

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