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The word epicure defines a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink and the word explorer defines a person who explores a new or unfamiliar area.Combine these two and you get “The Epicurious Explorers”.

We are twin sisters  from Mumbai a.k.a the City of Dreams, who share a common love for food and travel.

Join us on our journey as we explore both new places and food. We would also love to hear what are your passions & what inspires you to follow them. Do share with us in the comments below.

You can also read about our passions and more here.

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On this website you will find recipes which are simple to follow. Some recipes are my own, some are by my mom and others have been adapted from recipes that I come across. They have been tried and tested by me (Suzan) and then only posted here. I have given due credit to the recipe owners and I am expecting the same, so in case you use any of the recipes from this blog I request you to please give the due credit. Thank you again and enjoy browsing through the recipe list to make your favorites.



It all started out some years back when I (Karen) bought my first digital camera.
My love for photography has grown over the years and there’s no looking back after that !! I click whenever something interesting captures my eye be it with my cell phone cam or my DSLR camera.
This page contains the collection of pics related to food, travel etc. taken by me over the years and going forward.
Your comments/ critics will be highly appreciated.These images may NOT be used in any form, neither on website nor print media without permission or due credit.



So as we have stated above, we both love travelling. On this page you will find reviews of restaurants, and hotels and places of interest which are based on our personal experiences.You can always look up for the review on other sites, but let me ensure you that we will give you our most honest reviews.



We would love to hear from you.Do drop us a comment or message at our email id theepicuriousexplorers@gmail.com 🙂

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  1. Lorna Lobo

    Hearty congratulations and best wishes on your exciting Epicurean journey. So proud of you!! Im a hardcore foodie too.


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