I Left My Heart In Bournemouth

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I visited Bournemouth two years back .  I traveled and lived there for three weeks for work purpose so this trip  was sponsored by my workplace.

Though it was my first visit, I felt just like home, as the people were so friendly and welcoming right from day one. I was away from my hometown in Mumbai, but I didn’t miss it much.Right from day one, total strangers helped us.

On the first day, we were without a cellphone as our batteries were low and we didn’t have network. We had just reached the rented apartment and found out that we had to call the care-taker. We were feeling so helpless as we didn’t have a cellphone.

Just then two women passed by and we asked them if it was okay to use their phone to make a call. One of them handed us their phone to make a call right away. It was such a kind gesture that total strangers agreed to give us their phone. We were able to make the call and thanked them profusely.

Once we settled in our apartments, we were hungry. Although we were tired and a little jet-lagged we went out in search for something to eat. Our phones were still not working and since it was a Sunday the stores that sold SIM cards had already closed. We were kind of lost as it was a totally new place and we didn’t have a map.

Again we found angels in disguise as some people gave us directions to a McDonald’s restaurant.

It was first time away from my family in a different country. Also I was the only female in my group. But I felt totally safe.It’s a perfect beach town and I hardly felt like working .

I also wrote about how it’s my home away from home  here

Below are some pictures and details of few places we visited in Bournemouth.

The Apartment- Exchange Buildings

We were put up in these serviced apartments in Bournemouth. They are really great and well serviced. You can read more information here.

Views from the Apartment


Bournemouth Square

Bournemouth Square was just a 5 min walk away from our apartment. It is the main centre of the town and has many shops, restaurants , etc. They also have entertainment like music , singing and dancing in the evenings.

Bournemouth beach

The Bournemouth beach was also about 5-10 mins walking distance from our apartment. It was pretty crowded as it was Summer *duh*. But being a beach lover I  loved the sight of the clear blue waters . I didn’t go into the water as it was a bit cold for me. In Mumbai  the climate is a bit more warmer , so I found it cold. Therefore I was one of those wearing jeans to a beach *how embarrassing*. The beach has the Bournemouth Pier, Oceanarium and other fun activities. There are also some stalls selling food, I had some yummy chicken and chorizo paella.


Bournemouth pier

Bournemouth pier is right on the beach. It has a restaurant and few fun activities for kids. I also saw some guys fishing. They charge around £1.20 for adults,  £0.80 for kids and free for kids under 5 years old. The views from the pier are amazing.



The Bournemouth balloon is one of the popular attractions . You can ride the balloon and get a great view. I personally didn’t ride it due to my fear of heights. Also I heard it recently stopped due to some accident. No sure though.

Lower Gardens

The Lower Gardens in Bournemouth are only a five minute walk away from the main shopping centre, the beach and the pier. It’s really beautiful and full of greenery. They also had some birds on display. When we visited on a Sunday, they were having activities like free dance lessons which was fun. I also had the famous Mr. Whippy icecream here.

Free dance lessons

Bournemouth Railway station

We visited the Bournemouth Railway station a couple of times as we had to take a train to London. The station is really clean and well maintained. The trains were also clean and though we had a two hour journey to London, I didn’t mind as it was so comfortable. I did find the pricing odd though as it’s £100 on weekdays and around £10 on weekends


Coriander Mexican Restaurant

We visited this restaurant on a Friday night after work. It has really yummy Mexican food. The quantity was really good and worth the price.

With my work colleagues

Cameo and Myu bar

We visited Cameo and Myu bar post dinner. It was a nice place where they played good music. They have different levels where they play different music like EDM, hip hop etc.The entry fee was just  £5 and it’s popular with college kids. They do have a dress code though, like you have to wear closed shoes and guys cannot wear sport shoes. So make sure you’re appropriately dressed.


Dosa World

Dosa World is an Indian restaurant. The food is really authentic Indian food and really yummy. We went here twice. Although it’s name is Dosa world you get more than Dosa. This pic is of the buffet lunch we had just before our flight back to Mumbai.

St Peters Church

St Peters Church was located right next to our apartment. Really loved the architecture of the church.

Sacred Heart Church

One of the other churches I visited was Sacred Heart Church. This was about 5 mins away from our apartment. Loved the architecture and interiors. I also attended mass here twice and got to participate in a baptism ceremony on one of those occasions which was lovely.


So I’m not sure if every season , but in Summers they have a fireworks display on Friday nights on the Bournemouth beach. I missed it on one Friday as we were busy clubbing and another one I was in London. This was on our last Friday in Bournemouth and I was busy packing to go back home. That’s when I heard the fireworks and captured this pic and video right from my apartment window. It was a fitting farewell for us. 🙂

Souvenirs and chocolates to take back home

So that’s how I spent three weeks of Summer in the lovely beach town of Bournemouth. This place stole my heart with it’s beauty, not only natural but the beauty of it’s people. I will definitely visit again!! 🙂

Thank you for reading. If you haven’t been to  Bournemouth , then you should definitely visit soon. I also visited Swanage , Poole and London which I will be posting about next time. Cheers and Happy Travels! 🙂

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23 thoughts on “I Left My Heart In Bournemouth

  1. Sandy N Vyjay

    Bournemouth looks to be a great place for some great experiences. There seems so much to see and experience. The beach seems to be a hive of activity and fun. The people too seem so helpful. I was reminded of an incident in Switzerland when we asked the directions for a hotel to a stranger and he actually called up his wife to get the correct details and escorted us to the place.

  2. Indrani

    Bournemouth seems great! Complete from several angles for a tourist there. The dosa world is making me curious. Hope they have a good spread.

    1. Karen Post author

      Thank you. Yes it is a great place especially in Summer. Dosa World is great for authentic Indian food.

  3. AllGudThings

    This small beach town looks great. The Beach is actually inviting and Bournemouth pier too looks fun. The Mexican food is tempting and dosa world! Wow. Really a sweet gesture from those ladies, who helped you with the phone!

  4. SindhuMurthy

    What a lovely place to explore. The apartment looks so inviting and the views are so great. With such lovely beaches and so much to try, I m sure anyone would leave their heart back in Bournemouth 🙂

  5. Travel with Karla

    It’s my first time to hear about Bournemouth. The views are amazing. Your picture shows that you really had fun in your trip. The accommodation you had is also good. How much did you spent for the whole trip?

  6. Neha Verma

    Such a beautiful place. I can easily see why you left your heart there. The same happened with me in Florence. The beautiful buildings, beyond them stunning landscapes and the narrow streets..overall the atmosphere..its magical

  7. Erica

    Looks like a very festive city! I wonder how this looks like at night! I would have left my heart as well if i were the one to visit bournemouth!! Such a lovely place!

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