A getaway to Goa’s hidden beach called Butterfly beach

For beach lovers like us, an idea of a secret beach is always exciting. We had heard about this hidden or secret beach from a few travel websites and were curious to explore it. There were so many questions we had to answer like did it really exist? Was it as great as people had described it to be? If it was so secret then would there be many people? If you are ready to find out if we found this beach and our review then go ahead and read this post!

So this month, we set out to find out this secret beach in Goa. Goa is known for many beaches, but this is supposed to be one of the beaches which only a few people know about or have visited. We have visited Goa several times before but only heard about it recently.
There are two ways to reach this beach, one is a challenging forest hike and the other one is a boat ride from Palolem beach. We chose the latter as we had also wanted to explore Palolem beach as well.

Palolem beach

Palolem Beach is situated in Canacona in southern Goa, India. The beach is considered to be one of the region’s most beautiful beaches. The best time to mainly visit is during the winter season between November and March.
Compared to the popular beaches likes Baga, Calangute etc, there are not many shacks or crowd. We loved the peaceful vibes. The beach was just a 2 min walk from our hotel. There are many beach facing hotels too in case anyone wants to be right on the beach. Since we visited at a busy time, we didn’t get accommodation on the hotels right on the beach, but we didn’t mind as the walk to the beach was refreshing.

So the next day, after breakfast, we set out to find this hidden beach. We walked along Palolem beach and found few boats that were offering us a ride. Though we were nervous about a bumpy boat ride ahead, we were also anxious to find the beach. If you haven’t figured by now the name is Butterfly beach.

Butterfly beach

Getting there:

The boat ride takes one hour and costs Rs. 600 per person. They also showed us a few other spots like Monkey Island, Agonda beach, Honeymoon Island and Dolphin spotting. Honestly, all others were a waste as didn’t really see any monkeys or dolphins. We were just waiting for them to show us Butterfly beach.

Finally, we could see a beach in the distance and I was screaming in excitement. There are two hills like structures which make a Butterfly shape, that’s where it gets its name from. Supposedly there are also supposed to be butterflies, though we didn’t see any.

We stopped on the beach for about 20 -25 mins. The views were so mesmerizing and what I loved that it was so peaceful and clean. There were just 5 or 6 other people who had come on another boat, but it was relief from the other crowded beaches. We clicked a couple of pics and admired the beauty, then it was time to head back to the boat. Honestly, I didn’t feel like leaving but seems that it can get a bit tricky in high tide.

So was it worth going there? I would definitely say yes, it is a must visit at least once. Also if I go next time, I will explore more and spend more time.

  1. Try to travel when there is low tide as it’s easier to get on/ off the boat and you can have more time to explore the beach.
  2. It’s a very small beach and there are no shacks or any food/ water so make sure you carry your own.
  3. Make sure to eat well before the boat ride as it’s a bit rough.
  4. Also wear comfortable clothes which are water resistant, as they tend to get wet with the spray of the water from the boat.
  5. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
  6. Have fun and please don’t litter.

We visited the below restaurants while we were in Palolem. There are many other options which serve Indian, continental, Italian etc. But you must try local Goan seafood if you visit here. You can read our reviews on these restaurants here

  • German Bakery
  • Rococo Pelton Restaurant Bar
  • Dropadi Bar & Restaurant

Other restaurants we heard were good but were unable to visit:

  • Avocado Garden Restaurant And Bar
  • Chaska Beach Restaurant
  • The Olive room

There are many more good hotels that are listed on TripAdvisor . We stayed at the Palolem Inn, you can read our review here 

Other beaches close by:
There are a few other beaches you can visit which are nearby and are as secluded as Palolem

  • Agonda beach
  • Colomb beach
  • Patnem beach

We really enjoyed our getaway to Palolem. The only downside was that there were no ATMs near the beach, though most restaurants accept debit/credit cards but make sure you carry enough cash. As the nearest ATM is 3kms away.

How to reach Palolem:

The easiest way to get to Palolem is to take the train to Margao (called Madgaon in the rest of India) or fly to Goa Dabolim Airport(GOI) and pay for a Government approved fixed-price taxi to Palolem. Fixed-price taxis are available from the train station and from Goa Dabolim Airport(GOI) at Vasco da Gama.

Alternatively, Canacona is Palolem’s nearest train station near about 2.5 km, approximately 5 minutes’ drive away, but for shorter journeys from other parts of India, it is almost always better to arrive by bus due to the remoteness of the train station from Palolem beach.
One can also take a State Transport bus from Margao Bus Stand to Canacona or Palolem.

Thank you for reading. If you haven’t been to  Butterfly or Palolem beach in Goa, then you should definitely visit soon. Cheers and Happy Travels! πŸ™‚

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29 thoughts on “A getaway to Goa’s hidden beach called Butterfly beach

  1. Danik

    To be honest, as I am planning a trip to India, hopefully next year for a few months, Goa hasn’t really been on my list but this blog post as kinda convince me to check out the area. The beach does look nice and I know there will be a part of me who will want a beach for a few days whilst backpacking.

  2. Helena

    When I think of India I don’t really think of beaches but I like the look of this one. Great tips and any secret beach is a winner to me!

  3. Yukti

    Wow, this butterfly looks like an exotic beach which is not very touristy. I had been to Goa and found all beaches with lots of crowds, but as this beach is lesser known and not many people visit here, I would love to visit this peaceful beach. Thanks for sharing tips regarding carrying food as on Butterfly beach there are no shacks.

  4. Mei and Kerstin

    We’ve never been to India, but will visit someday. When we do, we’ll consider going to Goa, and most probably also Butterfly beach. It’s always good to spend time at a lesser-known beach to avoid the crowds. And the sunset here looks absolutely stunning! πŸ™‚

  5. Cynthia

    How fun! I love the idea of taking a boat to a private, secret beach! Often beaches are so incredibly crowded that they’re not all that fun. But this is so pretty and I imagine it would be relaxing to have it almost to yourself. Too bad you didn’t have more time to explore there. I wonder if one of the other tours would offer that or if they all just seem to spend about 25 minutes there?

  6. Mel Butler

    Butterfly beach just looks and sounds like a lovely spot to visit. I was in India about 11yrs ago but I have always wanted to go back and explore more area especially places like Goa. Thanks for the tips on taking your own water and to go in low tidy, so you can get off the boat. That is definitely handy and noted.


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