Thekkady A Paradise For Nature And Wildlife Lovers

Hello Everyone, hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures in Munnar.Β  From Munnar, we headed to Thekkady.


This is a perfect destination for anyone who loves wildlife and nature. The distance between Munnar and Thekkady is approx 90km and it took us approx 3.5 hours by car. On the way to Thekkady, we stopped for a nice lunch. It was authentic Kerala vegetarian food and was really tasty. It was also quite cheap.
They had a plantation just behind this place, which was not on our itinerary but we visited it. There were a variety of spices, fruits, flowers, birds, animals fish, and poultry too. I can’t seem to recall the name, unfortunately. They also had a shop where you buy spices.

Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park or Periyar Tiger Reserve is a wildlife sanctuary in Thekkady. It is home to wildlife like tigers, elephants, as well as rare lion-tailed macaques, sambar deer, leopards, and Indian bison. The Periyar Lake which is part of the national park is popular for boat rides. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any tigers but we did see some monkeys and elephants. There was also a lot of greenery around and it was really beautiful.

Elephant Junction

If you love the sight of elephants, then Elephant Junction is one of the ideal places to visit. Here you can interact with the elephants as it includes elephant bathing and elephant rides. A truly amazing experience.

The hotel we were staying in was also good and had nice views of greenery.

How To Reach Thekkady
By Air

Thekkady does not have an airport of its own; however, the Madurai airport is located at a distance of 136 kilometers from. You can hire a cab to get to Thekkady. The nearest international airport is the Cochin International Airport, which is located190 kilometers away. The best way to get to Thekkady from Cochin is by hiring a cab.

By Bus

The most inexpensive way to get to Thekkady from nearby cities like Cochin, Trivandrum and Kottayam are the government or private run buses by the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation.

By Train

The nearest railway station to Thekkady is in Kottayam, which is located 114 kilometers away. You can hire a cab from Kottayam to get to Thekkady, or even board a government or privately run bus.

Thank you for reading. If you haven’t been toΒ  Thekkady, then you should definitely visit soon. Cheers and Happy Travels!

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A glimpse of our trip Thekkady, a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.We got to see elephants and various other animals and birds.Also lot of greenery.

18 thoughts on “Thekkady A Paradise For Nature And Wildlife Lovers

  1. Ray

    hi, Karen & Suzan! Thnx for your post. πŸ™‚
    Actually me and my girlfriend are planning our trip to India – she lived there for a while (mostly Northern part) so your article came right in time. Nature and wildlife is something we love to focus on. How touristic is this area? Is there any place to stay in Thekkady you suggest?

    1. Karie Post author

      Hello Ray, Thekkady is quite popular, especially among local tourists. We stayed at Jungle Park Resort in Thekkady and it was quite a nice hotel. I hope you enjoy your visit πŸ™‚

  2. Heather

    I absolutely love wildlife and nature so this would be a perfect spot for me. I’m particularly interested in visiting a tiger wildlife sanctuary so Periyar would be a the top of my list! I’m sad you didn’t get to see any tigers though!

    1. Karie Post author

      We have seen tigers in zoos across the country but have unfortunately not seen them in Periyar and Corbett. Hopefully third time lucky. Hope you visit soon!

  3. kenan

    Wow, I love the animals. I’ve always wanted to ride an elephant. India has so many unique places to visit I hope I get to visit soon. Thanks for sharing this adventure!

  4. Candy

    3.5 hours is quite the journey, but making stops along the way definitely help to break up the time. I love elephants and would love to see one up close some day. Would love to see some tigers too!

  5. Punita Malhotra

    Ah, we almost made it to Thekkady while visiting Munnar a few years back. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip because of heavy rains at that time. 3.5 hours will just fly past with admiring all the lovely landscapes, am I right?

  6. Jenn and Ed Coleman

    You can tell by the letters on the sign, feeding monkeys is worse than littering. Thekkady sounds like a fun place with a lot of animal encounters. Having even a chance of seeing wild tigers is pretty exciting. We just went kayaking with wild monkeys and it’s so interesting not knowing what you will see around the next bend.

  7. Susanne

    I’ve never heard of Thekkady before. Now I’m know it better and really thank you for that. It seems to be a great destination and is definitely on my bucket list.

  8. Mohana and Aninda

    Periyar is high on my list of places to visit. I’ve heard the jungles are thrilling and one can spot a number of animals and birds. From your post, I can tell that the wilderness is pretty pristine.

  9. Jessica

    Would absolutely love to visit this area. The tiger preserve sounds particularly amazing. However, I would steer clear of the elephant sanctuary. Unfortunately riding elephants is not considered ethical anymore. Even though a place may say they are rescued and well treated, an elephant should never be riden, as the training/breaking process is particularly cruel and harsh. By contributing to the industry, we are encouraging this process with baby elephants. With that said, I’ve read so many articles lately that have made me want to visit India! So many diverse areas!

    1. Karie Post author

      Yeah I agree..I didn’t really take the elephant ride as was feeling bad for them, some were just baby elephants, but unfortunately, some people do enjoy the rides.

  10. Janiel Green

    The photos are so detailed and all-encompassing, it is nice to see that because it allows me to create a picture in my mind of what the place must have looked like in person. Did the treat the elephants well? PS- it is so incredibly useful to have ways to get there because I get so nervous while traveling, it’s nice to just have it spelled out for me.

  11. Lara Dunning

    I’ve never heard of this Thekkady. Looks beautiful. I’m all for visiting sanctuaries as long as they are taking care of the animals properly. Surprised that they offer elephant rides as so many sanctuaries don’t do that these days to be more animal-friendly. What do they do with the funds they collect?

    1. Karie Post author

      Thanks Lara. I’m not too sure but guess they use the funds for the well being of the elephants and maintaining the place.

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